advantages to destinations?

I’m just curious as to why the developers went through the trouble of creating “destinations”, it makes it difficult for people doing shipping to follow… wouldn’t it be easier/better to just create a shipping method and then select all of the areas that method applies to (rather than having to apply the same shipping method to several destinations)… the same goes for taxes… I would rather create a tax, and then select the area that it applies to rather than having to create a separate destination just so that I have somewhere to apply the tax…

i.e. rather than associating shipping or taxes with destination and destination with several dozen places, why not just associate the shipping or taxes with the several dozen places (well… taxes are usually associated with alot less)

I mean… using the US as an example… I have to create a destination for the US excluding Texas (for example), and then I have to create a destination for Texas just so that I can apply the tax to it… I then have to go and associate a shipping method (and it’s appropriate fees) to both destinations rather than just having to create the method and select all “places” it applies to (i.e. all 50 states)

I’m just curious what the “advantage” is to having it broken up like it currently is.

I’m assuming by the lack of responses to this post that there are no real advantages to having “destinations” (aside from additional querying and table space)…

im trying to get my head round them all now mate!

well confusing!