Advanced Sorting display on categories

This is one of advanced release of series of MODs in completion and to be released soon


  1. Display “All manufacturers” with count in category. The link will display all the products from the manufacturer in that category
  2. “Smart Price range” display. It calculates the price range in that category and does the range on itself. The link will display the products in that ranges
  3. Featured… currently

    a. Bestselling with count in that category. Link will display the bestselling products

    b. New Products with count in that category. Link will display the New products

    Any suggestions are welcomed to what additional can be added. Thoughts like to show options, Best reviews…

    The next in design is advanced sorting on search results


hi, please view for a Product filter. It work great.

The one more problem is products in one category may have different Features.

Solution here:

We may add one big thing in Cs-Cart, call Product Class, manage all of Product features of its class. Each Category should have a main Product Class, then all of its Product will have all features of Category’s class by default, so we can make a filter of this Category base on its class.

We should build a Product Filter tab in the Category update page, it determine how the Product Filter work

  1. What Feature is used for Filter
  2. What what range of value is a step ( EX: CPU Speed)

    I can show it in a diagram, exacty how a page should view in graphic explanation… I work with CS-Team for a while, its cost 800$.

CS-Cart tooltip. I mean it load detail picture base on java when mouse over the thumbnail, may be a litle description.

I need it. how much it cost. Pls view Templatemonster for example.

When will the be avaiable for CS Cart…

There is a bug in this addon.

If you enable or disable

“Show advanced product list template with ability to add several products to the cart at once” this in settings it will still uses products_advanced.tpl

How to solve this ?