Advanced Search & Filter Search Query

I would like the page that appears when you click on “Advanced” under the “Shopping Options” (i.e. the advanced search option with all of the relevant filters) to appear when you click on “Advanced Search” next to the search box.

Is anybody able to let me know how to do this please?

No-one? I thought there would be sure to be someone on the forum who had done this with their site.

I’m going to bump this one again. I realise it is going to take some modification to the code. Can anyone help me with this.

If you go to the demo storefront - what I want is for this page - [url][/url] - to appear instead of this page - [url][/url] - when you click on “Advanced search” next to the search box, i.e. include the product filters.

Looking at the addresses, it seems it should be easy but, not having much knowledge of this sort of thing, I can’t seem to find what needs to be changed.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?

This is for a site I am setting up for someone else and is for version 2.0.12.

Sometimes it pays to walk away from it all for a while.

Just in case anyone else wants to be able to do this, in common_templates/search.tpl, replace the following code:

{if !$hide_advanced_search}

{if !$hide_advanced_search}

Just add the bit in red.

Now to try and remove some of the options in the advanced search box …

I’ve just noticed that only the first 20 variables are coming up under the advanced filter page. Is there any way of making all the variables be available? For example, if there are 100 authors to choose from, only the first 20 are showing, whereas I would like all of the authors to be available to choose from.

(Just realised - this can be changed in config.php)