Advanced Product Options for Training

I am looking at using cs-cart for offering an array of products and also training courses and wanted to check to see if these features are available or would be hard to code…

  1. Receive a discount if you register before xx/xx/xx date.

  2. Is it possible to have one product with multiple options and have inventory related to those options?

  3. A product expiration date that would remove the product from the list?

    I am quite familiar with PHP and creating these options doesn’t look like it would be too complicated but don’t want to engineer something like that if it already exists.

All three features you describe are available within the standard cs-cart.

  1. Go to Catalog/Promotions and setup a global discount with a time period
  2. Enable “inventory tracking” in Administration settings and ensure it’s set for each product.
  3. There is an “Availability” area at the bottom of each product detail page.