Advanced jQuery Homepage Slider?

Hi Everyone,

I’m working through my first CS-Cart site, and I want to include a nice slider on the homepage that has the following features for my client:


  • Uses CS-Cart’s built-in version of jQuery
  • Not just images, allows an overlay on each slide with a heading and rich description content (bold, italic, underline, etc…)
  • all this is managed through CS-Cart admin (no editing of .xml files, etc…)
  • no “scroll back” through all previous slides when jumping from last slide to first slide (I’m amazed so many sliders still do this)


  • slick transitions ala Nivo slider

    Any help is much appreciated. If it’s a paid add-on to install, I’m willing to pay up to $75 for the license.


Currently, the best “off-the-shelf” option you have is from WebGraphiq:

[url]Search results

That plugin uses the jQuery adGallery plugin. $49.90

Description text cannot be “rich” - just one style.

I’ve just written a Banners addon that uses:


This requires my custom addon and purchasing the Magic Toolbox Slideshow license: £19

Javascript code supports “rich” text in description, but I have not incorporated that in my custom plugin (yet).

Does not use jQuery.

good luck,


Hi Glen,

Thanks for your advice, and so quick! I could get used to such an active forum :slight_smile:

I just pulled the trigger on the webgraphiq solution, we’ll see how it goes. It looks like a good product and should be fairly easy for my client to use. I guess those factors are worth the loss of rich text.

The webgraphiq guy was friendly and professional, but their license policy does commit a major sin. It is domain tied and does not allow for a test/beta server!!! Not even as a subdomain!! Honestly, I know it’s not the end of the world, but are they really that worried about me being a cheapo and abusing a subdomain for an extra site? Some of us aren’t comfortable tinkering with a live site and would prefer to test changes on a beta subdomain install then mirror to a live install so as not to disrupt our client’s (or our own) sales! This is pretty common practice, yeesh.


Regardless, you were super helpful. Thanks Glen :slight_smile:


Thomas has been pretty cool with me in the past and has allowed me to use the license on my testing server and localhost before. Maybe you can communicate with him and let him know what you are doing. I’d think he’d understand and want to work it out with you.


Also, just out of curiosity, are you selling your own addon, or is it just for personal use?




Yeah, he was pretty friendly in the email he sent me, but kind of stonewalled me on that part of the issue. He was fine with localhost, but I don’t like to test localhost because I prefer to test performance on the host I’ll actually be using. Maybe I’ll approach him again, knowing you worked something out.

Honestly, just as a professional product, I think this should be a standard license for any web product / service. I’ve worked on some large scale sites before I went full time freelance, and I can tell you having a beta (or staging) server is about as common practice as it gets. I just feel like it’s one of those things that should not be a special request.

Heck, some large scale sites I’ve worked on had a dev, a beta, a staging, and a live server (cached to a CDN) for the same site, just because different parts of the team could be experimenting on new features while other parts were QA’ing a release that was about to get pushed to staging, etc…

Thanks for the input though, I’ll hit up Thomas again and see if he’ll do me an exception.