Advanced filter search is a mess

I have set up CS-Cart for someone and have just had a look to check how things were going and the advanced filter search page is a mess.

The length of some of the authors and publishers is pushing everything out of the container.

Is there any way to fix this so the filters will stay within the main container, i.e. by changing the amount of columns displaying to 2 instead of 3?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I tried changing the td width in customer/views/products/components/product_filters_advanced_form.tpl from 33% to 50% but this didn’t make any difference.

Does anyone have any other ideas on where I can look to change the columns here from three to two and allow for the extra long names?

Solved this one as well. Just in case anyone else wants to change this, the fix is in customer/views/products/components/product_filters_advanced_form.tpl - in line 5 where it says {split data=$filter_features size="3" assign="splitted_filter" preverse_keys=true} change the filter_features size to 2.

So simple but it has taken me ages to find this.