Advance Search Issues

Because we take alot of pre-orders, we use the advance search option allot.

We click the “Pre-Order” and then select the item, and seach. It will then show us all the orders that have that item in it. From there we click the first order, and start processing each order as some may be just 1 item, some different, etc. And each time we are finished we click to go to the next order in our search.

But now after we do this for a few orders, the search is no longer working, as it starts showing orders not associated with our search. Is this a bug in the system, or is there something I am missing that got changed? Worked flawless for a few years, now not working with the new version.


Am I seriously the only one that uses this function, and no one else is not having an issue? Anyone, would love some help.