Adult Shop! @


[COLOR=“Red”]Adult content … you must be over 18 or 21 in some country’s…[/COLOR]

Anyway this is the new creation and please hit us with comments … we will appreciate it a lot!


It is meant for the Romanian market so thats why the homepage is in Romanian!

:idea: Any other tips or hints let me know by mail or PM, thanks a lot for your time taken to review the site!


One issue I saw right off the bat, was that the minimum horizontal size is probably larger than your average viewer’s screen resolution.

When viewed at 1280x1024, the horizontal scroll bar does appear at the bottom (with a tiny bit of scrolling available) - I don’t know what your typical visitors’ browser resolution will be (I know our largest percentage is 1024x768), but anyone who runs a horizontal resolution size lower than 1280 will have to scroll significantly to see the right side of your site.

As far as design goes - I’m the wrong guy to ask because I’m often very over-critical of aesthetic issues. I’d start by working a little more on your main header graphic, and go on from there. Not wild about the overall pink background, but can see why it would be a good choice for the content matter. heh

Thanx a lot for the reply … I really agree but my taste also does not matter cause it still is an adult erotic shop content.

I am still working on it believe me … and the tip about the resolution is gold ! I mean it I have not thought about it or forgot it …