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I realize that you have to have a splash/warning page but you could try to jazz that up a bit to reflect the rest of the site’s design. I don’t know the rule for adult sites having something like that up, but it could also hurt your SEO.

Also, you may want to look into cs-cart’s included Age verification addon. I have not really experimented with it very much, but it might allow you to even get rid of the splash/warning page altogether.

[QUOTE]The Age verification addon allows to define an age limit for a category. The

following fields can be filled in:

  • Age verification - tick off to enable age verification for the category;
  • Age limit - set the minimum age for access to the category;
  • Warning message - the message that is displayed during age verification.[/QUOTE]

I totally agree and I have gotten a quote for the warning page. Just need to get the work done. With the current warning page I rank on google top page for a couple keywords, so I hope a nice page will entice users to shop.

Not sure about the age verification functions on how that is going to help the site any. It certainly wont help me defend myself against any lawsuits or claims. I think in the long run it would frustrate the regular user. I will take a longer look at the option though.

thanks for your input.

I’m looking for more of a pop up type age checker for my site, we sell tobacco products and do not want any underage. I currently use the built-in age checker but its sort of after the fact age checking. Are there any scripts I can get/buy that will stop people right when they land on our page, I do not want to move the page back a layer like adultdvdporn did (to get on the site you have to go to /store)

How are you planning to verify their age? Are you wanting a login screen if they’re not logged in and if they’re not registered, taking them to the registration screen first? Or do you just want a notification page stating age requirement and having them confirm that they are above the minimum age. Not really clear on the business process (or flow) you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to prevent people from looking or buying

You need to be much more specific about what you want. The builtin age verification only works when ordering and only works against the birthday field entered in the user’s profile field.

Wouldn’t the easiest way be to simply require purchases with credit card? They you know they are of legal age to sign a legal document.

Here is a mock up of a pop-up we would like to see when entering vapage dot com

I believe it would have to install a cookie on their computer? If you or anyone else is interested in helping us out, we could work out a payment of some sort.