Ads on the entire site cs-cart 3.5 sp3 ??

Hi guys.

I need a little help please:

How can i add a banner to my site on aaaall pages?

with sp2 was easy, but with sp3 only appears on my home page only.


First build your ad using look and feel / manage ads

Then go to cms / listmania and add a new list. Be sure that object is set to all pages and list object is set to ads. Change the appearance setting like you want and click add new.

Then click on edit next to your new list and then click on Manage Listed Elements. Then add your ad and then check the box that says Enable for this page.

That should be it. If you decide to change the look than everything is pretty easy to do through listmania.

I hope this made since.


Or, did you have it set to display on home page only? Uncheck that checkbox and it should display throughout via “Manage Ads” alone.

And how to implement ads only on products pages, in central part, after main content? I have troubles with it and still don’t know is it a listmania bug or I’m doing something wrong. Is anyone tried this and succesfully implemented ad(s) on this position? Thanks.

1.3.5 sp3

I’d also like to know about putting ads on category and/or product pages only. Is this possible?

For product pages you have to enable it via the product details page, listmania tab. Not sure if there is an easier way to do it than going into every product.


What about category pages? Would I select the “Category” object when creating a new Listmania?

[quote]Would I select the “Category” object[/quote] Yes then go to manage Category then choose a cat then down the bottom you will see Listmania Tab then like the rest just click Enable for this page.