Ads menus disappeared in admin

For some reason, in the admin section of my site, the “Look &Feel” links don’t appear anymore, and in CMS, the ads aren’t there either.

I checked the addons settings, and ads are enabled. Any Ideas on where I should check next?


Can you still see the import and export lines?

I had a similar problem to this a long time ago. I think it was actually back in 1.3.5.sp2. I responded to a different thread then and I can’t really remember what came of it. Here is the thread:


Basically I set my admin up with a membership and it screwed up my privledges. Luckily I had a second admin account and was able to fix this. You can also fix this through you database, but you should contact Jesse Lee Stringer, Snorocket, or S-Combs for help with that.

By the way if this isn’t your problem than sorry for taking up space on your thread and hopefully someone that actually knows what they are talking about will post on here to help you.