Administrators Group Empty

When I go to my administrator group to see who the admins are, it says 'No data found'. I tried logging out and back in, that didn't work, any suggestions?

Do you mean Customers -> Administrators pages in the admin panel?


It is required to debug the issue. We have never faced such problem. PM me temporary FTP access so that we can check it

view your cscart_users table and reveiw the "user_type" column. 'A' == admin, 'C' == customer and 'V' == vendor.

I was confused by this also, because I was viewing an individual store. When I switched to "All Stores" it showed all administrator groups such as "Employee"?

This is not the way Id expect it to work since there are admins of the employee group assigned to that Storefront.

So Id expect to see these users and the Group displayed.

Is this a bug or "function as designed"?

Can only offer you an opinion on how I think it "should" work. IMHO, admins should be associated with one or more companies (root admin is associated with all). And each company should have it's own set of admin groups (inherited from all stores if not expressly set) and an admin account should be able to have different privileges in one store than another.

But this does make things pretty complex for a very low use rate. Maybe there should be an overridding "company" section for every admin group that would identify what companies that specific group should apply to.