admin user groups

I setup a bunch of admin user groups since we were going to give different members of our teams access to the back end now. But after I created the admin groups, I couldn’t figure out how to add people to them. When I go to edit an admins profile, there is no group tab!? If I edit a customer I see the addon and group tabs.

Where did it go?

The ‘User groups’ tab should appear after you create the account.


Well, it’s not.

I’ve created all the Admin groups. I have no Customer groups.

If I edit a customer I have the Groups tab, if I switch it to Admin, no more Group or Admin tab.

Not sure what it could be. As long as both the usergroup and user have the type “administrator” it has always worked for me.

One possibility I just thought of. Are you logged in as the root admin? If not, it could be a privileges issue.


That did it :smiley: Thanks!!

Needed root admin. Seems the root admin has privileges that even normal admins can’t have. It should be marked as un-deletable.

I made sure I set privileges for the admin group to have everything selected, and added my log-in to it. After that I couldn’t even view the other admins so I couldn’t click ‘act on behalf of’. I re-logged in as root admin and removed myself from the group.

As a non-grouped admin, I can make admin groups, but can’t assign them.

This page doesn’t mention anything about the root admin:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Perhaps it should.

This Is Solution:

Go to your database—>table “cscart_users”, look at user_id---->#1 Admin on frist line and change the is_root to “Y”

I hoop I help u guys!