admin side links not working

Hi Guys,

I Created a skin for the admin area on a previous site i made using cscart (2.0.15)

and all is working well.

However i have just setup the new version of cscart for another site and tried to apply the skin but when i do none of the links are working…

The skin itself isn’t really too far detached from the default skin its mostly cosmetic so i beleive it must be caused by a functionality change between the two versions.

the issue is that its dropping the ‘/admin.php?dispach=’ from the links.

Any chance anyone could point me in the right direction?

Sorry if this has been covered a million times or i’m just being thick. i am getting my head round this stuff SLOOOWLY! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Just to say that i have resolved this now.

In the end it was just easier to recreate the skin for the new version than try to update the old one.