Admin Search Problem


i found a problem that came from nowhere.

Filter in the search in my admin inside Products section example is changed.

Before was a normal menu, now it opens with a pop up.

Here the screenshoots in attachments but I dont have the previous menu.

My cart is V.3.0.2

Thank you for your help

Schermata 2015-03-28 alle 21.21.50.png

Schermata 2015-03-28 alle 21.21.55.png


please check “config.php”:

define('CATEGORY_THRESHOLD', 100); // if number of categories less than this value, all categories will be retrieved, otherwise subcategories will be retrieved by ajax
define('CATEGORY_SHOW_ALL', 100); // if number of categories less than this value, categories tree will be expanded

so if you see pop-up for cateogies instead of select box, number of categories in your store is over this limit for CATEGORY_THRESHOLD.

CATEGORY_SHOW_ALL is limit for showing all categories on its listing page

to “fix” it, please increase these values

Thanks a lot, solved! :) :grin:

you are welcome :-)