Admin Products - The Way It Should Look

I just recently upgraded to 2.2.2 from 2.1.4 and here is one of my first redesigns in the backend for products. This is a full screen shot on a 23" monitor. If you want the code, let me know and I will post it but note that it will just be the insertion code (no add-on, my_changes using hooks crap).

Edit: I just realized that “My price” is included. This example was actually to show the separation of the “Code” from the “Name”. I’m not done on adding “My price” as you can see.



I like, I want

[font=“Verdana”]Change the column width from fixed width to full width (e.g. “800px” to “*”). Then change the width of the DIV container also from fixed width to full width.

That will allow the column to grow when you increase or reduce the width of the page.

Ummm what’s been changed in the screenshot above (except the PRODUCT CODE column)???

Is the content area really wider? :S

Thanks :)[/font]