Admin Privileges don't apply to user

I have set up a new Administrators group with a limited set of permissions assigned.

I have then assigned a user to this group and disabled the main Admin user group for that user.

However, when I log into that user’s account I still have all privileges in Admin.

New to CS-Cart so I expect it’s something obvious I’m missing.

Hoping someone migh tbe able to help :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by “disabled the main Admin user group for that user”.

By default, new Admin users are not a part of any group. Generally, if you add them to the Adminstrators group it is because you want to restrict access to certain functions.

So my guess is that either the group you created is not an Administration group or that you have something else amiss in your configuration of your admin accounts.

Most sites can get by with a single Administrators group to give people access to a limited set of functions. If you have different users with different needs then you will need multiple administrator groups to set the appropriate access/permissions.

Hi, TBirnseth:

I think I have the same problem of CathyLC. What I want and need is that it exist just one (and only 1) administrator. In this case, me. I created a user group called Manager, which is the group that has almost all the privileges activated. Of course, not all of them, because I need to take care of the structure and several things that I need to handle myself such as skin change, database and so on.

I am using CS-Cart v2.2.4. What I want is to create a “administrator” that work under the group called Manager. But here's the problem:

  • If I create an Administrator User, it will have all the privileges as me. And I don't want that.
  • If I select the option to create a User, the first thing that the system will ask me is that I have to decide if it will be:

    Administrator, Customer, or Supplier

    If I select Administrator, I will be in the same situation, if I select Customer, the Customer cannot access the Admin Panel and create products, categories or handle the system. In short, a customer is not allowed to access the Admin Panel. And for the Supplier, I don't need the supplier yet, and I don't know how it works.

    Would you be so kind, or anyone here that read this, tell me how can I do it?

    I repeat: What I want is to create is some special “Administrator” kind of user that be called “Manager” with limited privileges in the Admin area.