Admin Privilege Does Not Include Third Party Addon?


Im trying to set admin/vendor Privilege but i dont see third party addons are included in Privilege option? Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Thank you so much


This is depened that addon implement setttings privileges to part or whole of addon.

You must ask the producer of addon.

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Do you see Add-ons section on the Privileges tab?

Hi, thank you for your help.

EcomLabs, no i dont see any third party addon in that section. By the way, those addons currently show up are from CS-cart.

Thank you again

It means that 3rd party addons do not have any privileges. It depends on the addon and not added automatically


Thank you, can you help by showing me which file to look for? So i can check and add the addons to privilege.

Addons should extend schema with permissions. Files located in the following directory


Permissions are added to database during addon installation. SQL queries usually located in addon.xml file

Thank you again for your help. :grin:

You are welcome!