Any info on this appreciated.

When logging into admin on another sites computer I get access denied and above message.

Yes the PC is using i.e. 7 but the operator swears they only typed the admin access.

I have told them to update ie but wondered how and why it wanted to do this.




if (AREA == 'A' && USER_AGENT_MSIE7) {
$redirect_url = "upgrade_center.ie7notify";

If trying to access the log in page with IE7, you're redirected to the upgrade center: “Please consider updating your browser”. Presumably you get Access Denied because this users group does not have access to the Upgrade Center.

I also note this function only exists - or at least ie7notify.tpl only exists - in V3 Ultimate, not Professional.

Do you think I could comment this out ? hard for me to try as the site in question with ie7 is 30 miles away

and I have tried ie7 emulators and it seems fine but I dont 100% trust it.


Yes there's no harm in commenting it out as below, but the real danger is running IE7. I would assume CS-Cart have integrated this function for specific reasons - IE7 must fall down somewhere when using the admin so perhaps you could get the user to at least upgrade IE or join the 21st century and use Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

// if (AREA == 'A' && USER_AGENT_MSIE7) {
// $redirect_url = "upgrade_center.ie7notify";
// }

Yeah thanks, for that, I have asked them to upgrade but this is a local authority and you know the score…our IT dept etc etc etc.

Looks like she is gonna sneak chrome in on her PC