Admin.php Buttons not working....

I’ve just installed CS-Cart onto my hosting account, the demo store is working. The Admin.php panel is not functioning right. The button tabs at the top of the page have no links and are not working only the text links work. What is the problem with this. I’ve re downloaded the file and re-installed CS-Cart 3 times now and still they don’t work.

Please let me know what is wrong ASAP.



Operating System: Linux

Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

PHP Version: PHP 5.x

Lamont could you include the version of your software, for example I’m running version 2.03. Also did you reset your permissions after the install, sometimes this gets overlooked. Not saying that that’s the problem but it might be one.


CS-Cart 2.06 Fresh install, install went fine. I reset all the permissions as well.

Also, I just noticed that when you “refresh” the browser they DO work… but ONLY while the browser is “refreshing”. After the browser is don “refreshing” they DO NOT work anymore.

That’s odd. What kind of modifications have you done to the page? (extra scripts etc.) Also what browser are you looking at the web page with?

None! Nothing its a fresh install. I’ve looked at it in Firefox, IE, Chrome & Safari. Same thing, nothing. I’m lost!

Okay, I fixed it.

I’m using Godaddy & the service which allows you to make your site without going live at your domain. But…

So what I did was change “config.local.php” file from the domain to the IP address I have.

So, now everything works fine now. I’ll just change back the ip to the domain when I’m ready to go live.