Admin / Phone Order Sales Reps

Is there is a way to set-up and document who took a phone / admin order?

I need something like a dropdown with sales reps names/initials in it so we have order accountability. I can’t use admin log-in IDs because a few people may use the same computer to place orders and I don’t want them to log-in / log-out for each order. This is my first post, so if I should be asking this elsewhere on the forums, please let me know. Thanks.

Well, if you allowed them to use different accounts, your problem would not be a problem. CS-Cart logs such things. However, if you want them to use a same account, use the field for notes, there is one for admin view only, let them type their name there, who took the order. Sure, they can type any name or none at all, if you don’t want to use the accounts then it is all depends on how well your reps respond to the instructions.