Admin Panel Mods


I ran into some things after upgrading to 4.13.2 on the Admin Panel.

1.) Because we use the eBay add-on the Name/Code is messed up, Like the title is vertically long.

2.) I can't edit the Name/Code from the list.

Unable to post a picture.

I have looked everywhere on here and I didn't see what I was looking for.. How can I change this?

If you have custom admin css (style.less) files can I see them. Trying to get it more use(admin) friendly.


Looks like you mean built-in eBay integration. If you disable it and everything is displayed correctly, please contact support team

I contacted cs-cart on this issue and this is their response. Not sure that this an answer. Can't they just make the take adjustable> Frustrating!

It seems, the Name / CODE column becomes smaller, because of the additional eBay and Amazon columns and the thumbnails width.

I can recommend you to change the thumbnails width to the default 50 value to slightly increase the width of the Name / CODE column. You can change this in admin panel on page Settings > Thumbnails in the Admin panel: product mini-icon thumbnail width field.

If this solution does not suit you, an additional code modification is required to change the width of the Name / CODE column. Such modification is estimated at 10-20 support credits. Please let me know, if you are interested in it.