Admin panel doing strange stuff

I have setup a new cart on the domain

i am about a 1/4 of the way through setting up products etc. I have added a few addons and installed a theme. I have noticed some really strange behaviour now and am wondering if it is going to be better to setup a new copy on another subdomain and then migrate all the products across.

The issue is a couple of things.

  1. Anywhere you have the little two arrow sign to change an option (ie in add ons you have active and if you press it you can chose disable) well none of these buttons work throughout the whole cart. THis is the same for orders as well.

    Also when going into the template manager it just sits on loading and never actually loads anything.

    I am wondering if you think it is worth trying to diagnose the issue or just start from scratch and then migrate

    i have done everything from learing the cache to actually removing the cache folder from var/

    If i try and add a new product now i get the following


    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/admin/public_html/organicbox/var/cache/templates/admin/%%E4^E42^E4252AD1%%mainbox.tpl.php on line 55

I gave up on the old install. I installed again with a new database on a subdomain. Then painstakingly went through each database filed that i had used for anything i had done on the site so far and then exported it and imported it into the new DB.

The only thing that is no good is the pictures but I was going to have to redo them anyway because the pics the customer originally had were too low in resolution.

From now on before i make any changes with add ons or themes i will be taking a database backup. I dont want that crazy stuff happening again!!!

Do you have mod_security installed on your server? You can find out in Administration>Database>PHP Information.

Seems a common problem to those with mod_security enabled on their server.