Admin pagination


I am writing an addon that shows as a tab on product page but I am having issues with pagination in the tab content. In general I am not sure how to use fn_paginate() and pagination.tpl.

When I call fn_paginate() from and include pagination.tpl in my addons view, I noticed that pagination appears on options and subscribers tabs but not on my addons tab.

Any info and tips will be very appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry for posting in the wrong section and thanks for moving it to the right one :)

I got it working, but I am not sure if this is the best approach. Would appreciate any feedback.

This is what I did:

/** in **/
fn_paginate($_REQUEST['page'], $total, $page_size, false, 'my_addons')
$view->assign('pagination', null);
/** in view **/
{assign var="pagination" value=$pagination_objects.my_addons}

Hope that helps anyone who needs to do similar things.