Admin Page Shows Store Closed

I have a 4.1.5 site that i am working on prior to upgrading our 3.0.6 site. I went to the admin page to login and when I logged in i immediately got the store closed page. I can not see any of the admin functions.

Is there a file I can edit via FTP to turn the store back on. I have never before seen the admin page show that the store is closed.


Create a file for your test site called local_conf.php

Have it contain:


define('DEVELOPMENT', true);
You are seeing the store closed page most likely because you have a database error somewhere. This change will cause the error to be displayed instead of the store closed page. But should be used on a development site (or temporarily) only.

You should also turn on database error logging in your Administration/Logs/Settings page. But that won't help you until you can get to the admin portal.

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define('DEVELOPMENT', true);


I wish I had know about this days ago


Yeah, it used to just display a message of “Error occurred” now it goes to store closed and the error is encoded in that page. I think if you have the “make cs-cart better” checkbox set that it will send that encoded error to cs-cart (but don't quote me on that, I haven't taken the time to actually decode the page).

Doing a store import from an earlier version will bring forward incompatible addon tables into your DB. Why they do this, is not clear. But it sure causes a mess for addon developers who have to re-do their addons for V4 and then have to to deal with old tables laying around that are no longer compatible…

Thank you tbirnseth for taking the time to respond to my question!!

I did what you recommended and could see that a search addon i was using was creating the error. I didn't know where to find the code to change this so I renamed the addon directory for that specific code and the search block reverted to the default search.tpl. While the search addon worked for earlier v4 versions I guess I will have to update it to have it work with v4.1.5.

Glad you were able to find/resolve the issue.