Admin "Page Not Found" Error 404 after Install

Hello All-

I’ve read many threads here of related information but can’t find a solution to my problem. This is my second attempt at upgrading from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2. As it stands now, I can’t access the admin page. I get the Error 404 Page not found screen.

I changed the permissions to:

index.php and admin.php in the root directory to 755.

I also changed the permissions to:

index.php in the install folder to 755.

That fixed my Error 500 on my home page.

But, I still can’t access my admin page. I have the error of “404 Page Not Found”. Anyone have any information they can help me with?

I would greatly appreciate resolving this!



Those did fix my problems. Changing the permissions to 755 on all 3 of those files fixed it.