Admin Page Link In Order Page Does Not Work In Ie

my shopping cart use cscart 3.0

in the page of order list of admin, click page link does not work in IE.

can't work in firefox as well in some computers. but working in my laptop.

same issue in the products list page.

what's the issue? how to fix the issue? thank you.

the link of order list

when mouse over page 2 for example,can see the link is, which is working if I paste it directly into the browser.

but when I try to click link "2", no response. here is the link I copy from browser after click the link 2. I guess the coding is wrong somewhere because the link below looks strange and encoded, then it's not working properly.

Anyone can help have a look?

Hey there,

It seems this issue is getting common as it's the 5th report this day only.

Try this solution:

Also, please let me know in whicih CS-Cart version did you observed this behavior, so I can get a better grasp on how spread this might be across my clientele (or someone else's).

Good luck!


This is a general issue with older CS-Cart versions (< 4.0, confirmed: 3.0.4, 3.0.5) and new versions of Firefox.

This behavior is not really a "bug" nor a CS-Cart issue per se, but a deprecated feature in Firefox, as certain browsers (like Chrome) do not replicate this behavior.

The issue was isolated to file: /lib/js/history/jquery.history.js. The jQuery History Plugin's function is to offer backward and forward navigation in JavaScript applications via browsers buttons "Next" and "Back". Both customer and administrator areas are effected by this issue since they both use this javascript file. More specifically, all pages that contain pagination (links to pages 1, 2, 3...) are affected, and, therefore, I highly recommend you to patch file above as soon as possible.

This plugin is not longe maintained by its creator and, in subsequent CS-Cart versions, it was completely removed replaced.


To patch up this issue replace this line:

return $.browser.mozilla ? hash : decodeURIComponent(hash);

.. with this line:

return decodeURIComponent(hash); // <-- patch, patch, ws@da: Poopsilon, Mozilla!

I hope this solves your problem. Good luck!