Admin Page Goes To Other Store Not The Correct One

I have my main store and a second store, all of a sudden today instead of going to the main admin with access to everything my admin page only goes to the second store with limited access, how do I fix this??

Check the http_host and https_host values in your config.local.php

Then check what the document_root is set to for the domains you are using. Both stores should use the same document_root.

OK, in config.local.php, both http & https are set to the same thing, I am not sure where to check for the document_root, is that also on the config.local.php? My store is in a sub folder and the second store is in a sub folder inside the store sub folder, ex … store/second store … everything was working fine until this afternoon, so not sure what I did. I was working on customizing the colors via the css because no changes I make in the visual editor will save, it immediately reverts back to the original look after I click save.

I did change my admin address and the admin.php to that address but that was after it wasn't working.

At one point I was logged into both on the same computer, could that have messed something up?

I really like this cart and really want to use it, any ideas what I may have done?

I was changing all the files and folders in the design and var folder to 777, could that have done something, there is a message in the error log: [05-Jan-2015 21:24:29 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/mypledge/public_html/cart/app/Tygh/Session.php on line 167

It has been there since I installed it, I have no clue what it means.

[size=5][color=#FF0000]UPDATE :[/color][/size]

OK, for the last 3 hours I have been logged in and doing updates under the main admin but to the second store. The correct login page loaded after being away from the computer all day … BUT, I just logged out and tried reloading the main admin page and again it is going to the second store admin??? A bit frustrating to say the least!!

I would clear both your browser's cookies and your site cache and then try to re-login to the admin URI for the URL that's specified in your config.local.php

But I don't think having a second store in a sub-folder reference works when the main store is also in a sub-folder of the domain.

I figured out what was happening, originally when I was trying to login to the second store with my main admin info, I must have been using the wrong password. I changed the password via myphpadmin and was able to login. What is weird is I was ale to login as the main admin on the second stores login and I could see all stores as the main admin would. When I logged out and relogged in as the second store owner, I only saw second store files.

The when I logged in again as the main admin and was editing my store, I logged out and it was the main admin login to log back into, so I logged in went to second store as the main admin and logged out, then to login again, it was the second store login … ???

It is working I guess that is the main thing.

So these are separate installations, not multiple storefronts? Guess I should have asked what version you were running…

No, it is one install, it is the community version, 4.1.5. It is on a domain I use for testing, so the main store is in a sub folder, second store in sub, sub … store/secondstore

PS. I did see reference to store in sub folders and second stores in another sub folder and it didn't say it shouldn't be done. I was looking up answers in the Knowledge base yesterday.

I've never gotten that configuration to work properly and helpdesk says the sub-folder in sub-folder won't work and isn't supported. So your a better man than I!

Well I won't lie, it was a big pain in the behind to get it to work, I went to the knowledgebase and followed the instructions. It took a little time to figure it out but once I did, it works fine now (KOW)!