Admin Notifications - Subject Line - Shipping Method

I am attempting to customise the subject line on the admin notification when a change of status to paid occurs.

I have made several attempts to capture the shipping method to insert at the end of the subject line but cant seem to find the right string, I have tried {{o.shippings_method}} as is used on the packing slip and have tried every variation of {{order_info.shippings}} that I can think of but so far no luck.

Any suggestions?


{{ order_info.shipping_method.title }}
{{ order_info.shipping_method }}

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Please try



Thanks for the three suggestions I just tried them but unfortunately
{{ order_info.shipping_method.title }}, {{ order_info.shipping_method }} and {{order_info.shippings_method}} all returned nothing in the subject field.

In our old version of csCart I used this but it does not work in the subject field on the current version {foreach from=$order_info.shipping item=“shipping” name=“f_shipp”} {$shipping.shipping} {if !$smarty.foreach.f_shipp.last}, {/if} {/foreach}

It has me stumped because these work just fine {{}} - {{order_info.firstname}} {{order_info.lastname}} but I cant seem to nail down the shipping method.

I note you tried {{o.shippings_method}} which is on the order confirmation.

ecomlabs is THE guru, if what they have suggested isn’t working and {{o.shippings_method}} isn’t working might be worth a ticket to cs-cart (if you have support) or drop one of the third parties a request for paid support.

Out of my depth I am afraid.


You can try this one:


Worked for me :slight_smile:


That did the trick, thanks for the help.

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