Admin login problem with old ssl

Hi all i had my database back up from my other hosting in 2.0.7.

i uploaded that to my new host and cart the same 2.0.7.

The problem is that i dont have ssl here yet. and when i go to the admin i cant login because its https and not let me do http anymore because of the ssl config i did in the backup dtabase.

What can i do?

i searched in my sql but where can i find it.


Not 100% but if you go to your SQL via PHPadmin, in one of the tables there is a “secure admin access” (or similar) which has a “Y” change to “N”

Am fairly sure this will do it!

Hi. i dont see any secure admin access or any admin there. i checked the users and users data but nothing…its maybe hiddn somewhere? i cant access the admin

Please help. i cant login to my shop

[quote name=‘kobiadato’]Please help. i cant login to my shop[/QUOTE]

Hi Do you have access to the old website?

If you do, then do a backup again and before you do, un-tick the secure tick box for the Admin area or betters still un-tick them all.

Backup and then import as you did before to new website.

but i cant login to my admin to do the restore so… i would have done it already. and in my sql its telling me the file its to big. its like 14mb so…

sorry the sql was importing it but still its jumping to https

[quote name=‘kobiadato’]sorry the sql was importing it but still its jumping to https[/QUOTE]

PHPadmin> SQL> settings> secure_admin… make it N!!!

mmm no it dose not work…any other ideas…

You may have to raise a ticket with CS, they are very helpful, but it will cost you I think.