Admin Login not working in Chrome but works in FireFox

I goto admin and login using the default admin/admin on my testing server. Oddly it does not work when in Chrome. If I switch firefox it works. When in chrome it does not work.

I have checked and yes I am using the exact same username, and password in both browsers

but in Chrome it acts like I entered the wrong password.

Anyone else have this issue?

Are you seeing any notification messages or just being returned to the login page?

If the latter, it is usually caused by a server-side issue where the browser can't create the session (usually seen on shared servers that use different usernames but share the same session storage areas).

It is the latter. No error message just sent back to the admin.php?dispatch=auth.login_form&return_url=admin.php.

But this only happens in Chrome. it works just fine in IE, and Firefox.

Any thoughts?

Hello, solesurvivor!

It looks like Chrome loses your session id. Anyway, clear your cache, cookies and temp internet files, it may help.

Best regards, Alt-team

For me, if failed in FF on one PC only. Same site, same browser on my laptop worked just fine. Was very frustrating.

Ended up working after clearing site and browser cache and deleting any cookies related to the “base” url. I.e. for problems with, remove all cookies for anything with in it.