Admin Levels

I own the admin account for one of my CS-Cart installs. When I log into the admin, I can see and do everything. I created 2 additional admin accounts for the store owners. When they log in, they can’t see my admin account or each others under Admin → Users → All Users. Both of these users are members of the Administrator group with an active account and active membership.

Why can’t they see me an each other?

Aha, finally I can be of some help to someone, I just went through this. The solution is to create a Membership with the priveleges you want, then make the admin users members of this Membership group.

I created a new membership called Admins and gave it full privileges. I assigned both owner accounts to this membership. When they log in, they still don’t see each other. And, they don’t see any memberships. Did I do something wrong?