Admin Indexable

I upgrade my store yesterday to 4.1.3

As i see today my admin pages are indexable. These pages must be no indexable or i am wrong?

Does anyone know something about this?

Can't get to admin pages without login credentials.

The bot can't crawl the administrator panel's pages because of the log in? The old store 2.2.5 had these pages no indexable by default, thats why i am asking.

Any access will just take the bot to the dispatch=auth.login page just like when you try to access a page in your browser.

Then my admin.php file will be known.

Are your admin pages indexable? Can someone check this with some way or seo doctor and tell me if this is logic or i have to do something to make them no indexable.

The whole idea of renaming admin.php to something_new.php is to make it “unknown”.

You can exclude it from robots by adding it to robots.txt if you feel it's necessary. But there are NO admin links that can be followed (or seen) until the requester logs in with admin credentials.