Admin home page extremely slow today

I noticed today that the home page of the admin area is extremely slow (like 30 seconds to load when it is normally instant). Other pages in the admin area load normal along with the front end. I have cleared the cache, cleaned the logs (nothing odd in there), and optimized the database but it is still slow. Guessing maybe it has something to do with “statistics” since that is the only large data draw on the home page…but how do I fix it? Possibly on a related note, most of my ShipRush orders did not get marked as shipped earlier today when we did shipping. Guessing something was causing it to time out because even when I am manually trying to mark the order as shipped (within CS admin), it is taking forever.

Try to select another period for statistics

Actually my host “implemented a change to the servers DNS resolvers” and it fixed it instantly.

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