admin email change

Hello and merry Christmas.

I have changed my email address and have made changes on control panel to reflect the change.

The problem is, order confirmations etc are still going to my old email address, although I think

the contact us page works with the new address.

I have changed the address under administrator and general settings, Proxy server for outgoing connections, is there something else I need to change? maybe Proxy password ?

Any suggestions would be welcome

Best regards


in settings>company and then sales order sent emails


Hi John

I went to Administration>settings but I cant see sales order sent emails link on that page?

This is what I see on the settings page.[list]



[]Payment methods


[]Credit cards



]Import data

[]Export data


[]Upgrade center


[*]Store access




sorry, hit send without checking. I dont see “sales order sent emails” on that page.

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in settings>company and then sales order sent emails



Ok, found it, I never remember to check the side menu, Thanks very much.


I would like chaged emails in Settings: Company - but have 404 page after saving…

I changed emails in db manually, but all notifications are sent to old emails. I check - I haven't in db old email…

In page Settings: Company I have right emails, but I receive notifications to old email.

Can somebody help: How I can change email for notification (about order, etc.)?

Thank you