Admin Commission or Subscription fees from Vendors

Hello Guys,

Please I need some tips. I have finished deplyoing my Cs- Cart since last year but I have not put it to use due to some reasons. Now I want to put it to use but I have a standing issue and that is how do I generate rvenue from my vendors. I dont know if I should call it “Admin Commission or Subscription fees from Vendors”. The summery is simply how to charge vendors either by Pay-Per-Click or Annual fees for using my eCommerce site:

My site really do not handle billing or any transactions involving funds. Our focus is to showcase the vendor and her products to the public, advertise their products and create awareness through sms, flyers, handbills and online ads.

I also did not see any thing like Vendor Account Expiry Date where one can sset a date for their account nto expire. This would have been a good tool to use.

So please if any one know how I can handle this, kindly assist. Even if it mean buying a third part ad dons or modules.



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Hello Sir,

Thanks for your response. But I really don't understand the site you referred me to. Does it have any relevance to my post? I browsed through but really didn't find any thing useful.

Please could you kindly explain may be there is some there I failed to see.



Please can some one help by given a response.

CS-Cart Support Team, can you please look at this post and assist.