Admin And Vendor Accounting Do Not Match


I am having problems with the accounting report of CS Cart. The vendor income does not reflect accurately because it includes the shipping fee that I, as an admin pay for. So the vendor income should only reflect the price of their product less the commission fee %.

Please note that I have already unchecked "include shipping cost in vendor commission" and this setting works fine from the admin side. I want to know what settings to change so that the vendor income only shows Product Price minus commission. Right now it's setup to show the vendor Product Price minus commission + Shipping fee (that I paid for). So in short, they are expecting more payout when they shouldn't.

I can't seem to find this anywhere in CS Cart documentation. PLEASE HELP!

There is no such option allowing for the shipping cost to be paid by the site admin. If it is paid by the buyers, then the sum goes to the vendor. If it is really paid by you, then make all products free shipping; in this case shipping calculation will not work correctly. So you will need a modification of the script which has to be done by some third party developers as CS-Cart would not introduce such modification if not demanded by 30 or 50 users. Number is decided by their discretion.

Seems that you have to revise your policy.