Admin - Adding A Button On The Orders.details Page

I've added some form elements in the right-pane below the payment area. Essentially there's a couple of "input type="text" and then some {include file="common/buttons.tpl"...} as shown below.

All of my buttons are working as they should. However the main "Save changes" on the page does not. Clicking it does effectively nothing while the buttons I've added all behave as expected.

In the browser inspector, clicking the save button briefly highlights the element but the page does not re-direct and the changes are not saved. If I go to Edit Order, it all behaves properly with the my buttons also displayed/behave as expected as well as the Save changes button on the top of the edit order page.

I am NOT defining any new form since I believe the order_info_form contains these elements.

I'm using button code like:

            {include file="buttons/button.tpl"

There is javascript that drives the form elements (iframes manipulated by a remote provider), but they all work properly.

I've reached the end of my browser debugging capabilities and was looking from some pointers from frontend developers who might help me figure out what's up. I'm guessing it's something in the core.js form processing which is stopping the form from being submitted. But there are no console errors/messages so I can't really tell what's happening after the button press.

If someone could provide me the button code that leaves the Save changes button active where I can set my own dispatch and optional onclick events, that would be awesome.

Any help is appreciated.