Admin 404 After Trying To Login

Hi guys,

Having trouble logging in to the back end. Can get to the admin login page but after putting details in it loads for a while then goes to a 404 page.

Cleared the cache and that fixed it. But 10 mins later its back to 404 and clearing the cache now makes no difference?

The rest of the site is fine and still taking orders etc and absolutely no changes have been made recently, except for uploading new products.

Any ideas?


Do you run out of disk space? Or you did not exceed the limit of files on hosting?

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Please check if you have this problem with dashboard only. For example, try to go to Products page


Without doing anything, it sorted itself out. Strange one.

Further to this message we posted in May, the problem is back with a vengeance. We found a sever reboot fixed the problem, however we have been rebooting our server more and more until today when the reboot didn't fix the problem.

OK, the problem is this, the site works normally, however the back end starts to 404 every now and again. We know the url is correct. We are having problems with orders not being changed to processing and staying in the incomplete status, which leads me to believe this issue is affecting more than just the admin page.

The server we are on is a VPS and runs a few e commerce sites. We do run one other cs cart site on this server and this is not affected by the issues above.

To answer a question posed in a previous post, yes we can access 'your_admin.php?dispatch=products.manage'

Also, we are using 78% of our 100GB disc space.

Can anyone point us in the right direction at all?

Possibly too wide period is selected for statistic section. CS-Cart team posted solution for this issue somewhere on this forum


I know its been a while since we posted about this problem, however the issue has come back over the last few weeks.

We have noticed that our store has the same problem every week on a Monday at 11:30am GMT. The problem is the back end wont load and we get a 404 notice. Also, customers cant place orders on our store and so everything grinds to a halt. We have found a server restart solves the problem in the past, however today a server restart has not fixed the problem and a restart fixes the problem for around 20 minutes and the we are back to square one.

We did trim down the statistics to 1 day on all users machines, however this did not solve the problem.

I am thinking the problem could be the size of the database as we have around 310,000 processed orders which takes the orders database to around 3GB.

To give some insight into our server, we have our cs cart running on a VPS with 125GB Disk of which 59GB is used. We have 8 cores and 8GB of RAM.

Is anyone able to diagnose and resolve this? We are on version 4.9.3SP1 and don't really want to upgrade due to how newer versions handle variations.

I had this problem today and i managed to fix this by going into View Vendor admins and activating the Vendor admin.

For some reason it changed to disabled.

This fixed the error messages and logging into the accounts.

Hope this helps.