Address Lookup & Validation Addon

Hi, Guys!!

I have built an Address Validation & Lookup Add-on.

you can see the demo here [url=“”][/url]

the add-on is still unfinished, I have some tweaking to do before i release it, but i just wanted to get some feedback.

Add-on Features:

Address Lookup from postcode (UK only).

Address Validation (World Wide*)

You can set your own match '%' when comparing the user entered address, compared to the validated address.

So if the user entered 23 Foxglove Meadows London E1 8BH but the actual address was 23 Foxglove Meadows Aldgate London E1 8BH notice the user missed the town 'Aldgate' the app would return a match percentage of 74%. you can set the limit at which the app, suggests a new address.

The Add-on if completely passive, and if the customer has JavaScript disabled the checkout functionality will not be affected.

There is a small fee of $10 per month for address validation, and $15 per month for address Lookup & Validation.

I am currently looking for user's who would like to BETA test the add-on for me, the add-on would be free and i will give you 6 months free, address lookup & validation, all i ask is that you review the add-on and let me know of any problems, suggestions ect, please PM me if your interested.

Sorry forgot to add guys, to test the add-on just enter an address or part address and click 'Continue', if the address lookup from postcode is used the Address Validation is Automatically Disabled.