Address In London

I have a customer in London trying to place an order, but we can't get the address to enter into the cart. The address is

Flat (xx)

(xxxx ) Shepperton Road




Zip N13EX

Our input checkout page has a pull down menu for country that only allows United Kingdom for Country or Territory

The State also has a pull down menu that only allows Greater London

The cell for City can be entered and I have tried all kinds of combinations but nothing works.

Even checking UPS verifiable addresses, it won't validate any combination. The only place to input information is the State, but England is not a pulldown option.

She can't enter the order because it keeps saying there are no shipping options for that address. The UPS input menu gives United Kingdon and England as an option for Country/Territory, but when either of these is used the error message is that the Country is wrong–when it is listed on the pull down menu.

It is a substantial order, Any suggestions? Thanks for any help

add whatever state/country you need in the shipping taxes tab under admiinistration

I had to do the london thing by removing greater and just having London…and also the Ireland one