Address Filler And Cc Auto Filler Not Working Completely

So I am a big user of password managers which also have address fillers and credit card fillers as well. I notice that when using this on my site there are issues at checkout:

  • For the name, now that First and Last name are combined in one box it only puts the last name in there. Is there a way to fix this? Thinking maybe it is a class issue but not sure on the fix.
  • Also when auto-filling out the credit card, it correctly does both first and last names along with the credit card number but leaves out the date and the CVV so you have to fill them in manually.

I use my password manager on sites all the time and it works perfectly about 90% of the time but am annoyed when I run across a site where I have to manually put stuff in. I know it's trivial but don't want to be one of those sites that annoys my customers during checkout due to something like this.

Still no fix.