hi all

ive recently encountered some problems while administering cs-cart. i did an upgrade to 2.0.11 but for some reason my short product descriptions didnt have that dialogue box that makes everything look neater, instead everything just looked like random text that wasnt really organised, so i downgraded back to 2.0.10. it was a messy downgrade… everything seems fine for the most part but when i try to administer the addons, nothing displays in the settings box that pops up. its just completely blank

EDIT: i have an imageshack link

anyone has a solution?


Why you zip it?

Made an attachement without zipping

i exceeded the maximum filesize by 0.2kb and could upload it without zipping :confused: my file is 97.9 and the limit is 97.7

then it is better you use [url][/url], but it is only my meaning .-)

your lucky i can only upload 19kb at a time

[quote name=‘mrfoameruk’]your lucky i can only upload 19kb at a time[/QUOTE]

yea saw that for some reason jpg files are 97.7kb and JPEG re 19kb.

does anyone have a solution to my addon problem please?