Addons That Have Made A Real Improvement To Website Takings?

I am after a instant search and it seems alt team does what I need (it should be standard though in cs cart). Hopefully it will boost sale as customers will find what they are looking for easier.

What this thread is for is if there anything else that you have tried that have made real improvements to your website (turnover). It could be graphic banners (or is that just polish and no real increase in sales), deal of the day (which seems like a good idea to generate more sales), seo addons…ETC.

Please list your recommended addons for increasing sales (front end) and for addons you have really found useful (back end).


I put a “20% off all products this week only” banner on the homepage and as a block ob every product on one site and seen conversions jump, depends on your pricing point though

Done it 3 times since with same results.


ThomH also has a dynamic search addon here:

Search results

I'm buying Auto Mailer as soon as I get the next version of CS-Cart installed. I think it has the most potential to increase customer retention and repeat sales: Auto Mailer

But I don't think anything in the past increases sales like installing Smart Optimizer did. Faster is always better.

Here is a great addon that aims to improve website sales: Addon: Abandoned Cart Popup Offer - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

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well if this article in practical ecommerce is true (http://www.practical…n-Works-So-Well) then the Amazon side menu must be a good Addon

We are already having this for 306 and soon 4.x is coming

You can see it on a live store here