ADDON: XML Sitemap v2.4

XML Sitemap v2.5 Addon



* Enable/disable Products

* Enable/disable Extended Product Features

* Enable/disable News

* Enable/disable Categories

* Enable/disable Pages

* Ability to Change Frequency

* Compatible with SEO Addon

Knowledge Base compatible version:

(available in downloads area at



* Includes all of the above features +

* Enable/disable KB Categories

* Enable/disable KB Articles


XML Sitemap v2.5 Released

New Features:

[+] ability to set priority levels for all items

[!] subdir path duplicated when installed in subdir fixed

For everyone who has the Knowledge Base Addon you can also download the KB compatible XML SItemap in Sno’s Download area, Thanks - Sno



mate i want to know what is the difference between csc sitemap and xmp sitemap ?

CS-Cart does’n not have an XML Sitemap Addon by default, so if you want to submit your site to Google, yahoo, msn ect…then this addon is a good first step, Thanks - Sno


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XML SItemap Generator v2.6 Released !!!