ADDON: UPS Shipment Tracking

EZ Merchant Solutions announces availability of our newest addon UPS Shipment Tracking.

This addon gives both you (the Admin) and your customers real-time tracking updates related to shipments made in the cart. While similar capability is provided in the native cart by clicking a tracking number, each tracking number is a separate click and opens a separate window/tab.

Information is presented in a clear table with all relevant information. The administrator sees the full tracking of all UPS shipments on the order detail page. The customer sees a summary (current status of packages) on the General tab of the order details page, and sees the full information on the Shipments tab. See screen shots in the documentation for details.

This addon has been tested with both 2.0.15 and 2.1.3. It has been tested with shipments enabled and with shipments disabled (I.e. single tracking number per order).

You will need a UPS Online username and an UPS access_key in order to access the UPS API.

Addon details can be viewed at:


Documentation can be viewed in the attahcments area of the product detail or from:


Pricing is cheap at $39.99… Quantity discounts are available when purchasing 5 or more.

This addon is really great. The biggest thing, it keeps your customers on your site and makes it so they can track their packages without having to leave and go to UPS’s website.

The information is also displayed very clearly and is easy for both the admin and the customer to read.

I set this addon up on a test site for people to check out. As of today, I have one order on there that has already been delivered and one that is still in transit so you can see the difference.

Here is the link to the test site:


To see the addon, you need to sign in and then view your order. The login information is:





Check it out. It’s pretty neat.


Thanks for the realtime presentation Brandon!

Agreed, a very nicely done, useful mod! :wink:

Is this module compatable with Multi-Vendor 2.2.4?

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Is this module compatable with Multi-Vendor 2.2.4?


This is a great mod, I use it with 2.2.4 with no problems.

I am hoping one day he will do one for Fedex :)

Is this mod working with version 3.0.2 and does it require any core template or code changes?

No V3 version available yet. There are no modes to any core templates or code changes. If it did, it wouldn’t be an addon! :-)

I’m doing my addons in the order of demand, so if you want a V3 version of an existing addon (and it’s not already done) send a note to (remove X’s) and I’ll add you to a notification list.

Mailchimp was just done and will probably start on MAP Pricing next. XML data feeds will NOT be done for V3 now that Google had decided to dump Google Merchant. I’m tired of chasing them around.

Sounds good. I'll just wait it out then.

Any word on this yet? This is mighty interesting.