Addon .tpl file exists and getting a 404 error?

We have an interesting issue here where we’ve created a small addon that just runs admin side. Let’s call it addon xyz:




all exist and we have a controller for the admin side here:


Now under skins we have the following:


When we access a link such as:


We get 404 errors. Renaming the file to add_item.tpl does not fix the issue when accessing via the new link: [url][/url]

I have no idea why it’s not outputting the content of the tpl file… We’ve also tried emptying the .tpl file to get a blank page to load and nothing works with that either.

We have also cleared the template cache and reloaded and still get a 404. No matter what we do the .tpl will not load at all. Does anyone know why?

We also have other tpl’s enabled which are working just fine:



both work fine from:



So it’s not the addon itself. Any help would be appreciated.