Addon Table qty field

I had this modded by CS a while back and posted it on the forums,Sixin9 altered it to work for 2.1.1 but now I cant get it working on 2.1.2,

Basically it gives you the ability to select your required qty and product options to the cart all at once in a table format instead of adding 1 large then 2 medium etc etc.

Trouble is I cant get it to work on 2.1.2 when I install it all I get is blank product pages.

Can anyone crack it and make it compatible with 2.1.2

Once installed you can obviously format the table anyway you like to suit your site.





John - any luck getting this to work in 2.1.2+?


Sorry Glen,

Didnt get anywhere with it in the end.


I’ll take a crack at updating this for 2.1.4 over the weekend.



let me know how you get on

John - I’ve posted my version of this addon. Thanks again.