Addon Specials From Ez Merchant Solutions (Through Sept-14)

[color=#ff0000]We are offering the following specials through September[/color] to help merchants get a good start on the holiday season ahead.

Buy any of:[list]

[]EZ Mailchimp Integration (more than just a mailing list integration)

]EZ Auto Mailer (send followup emails for review requests, special offers or renewal reminders)

[*]EZ Admin Helper (automates monitoring of changed files, backup database clear caches, get currency updates and many other admin-type tasks).


And receive a free copy of our EZ Email Logging addon.

Also if you [color=#ff0000]purchase any combination of our addons[/color] and the order total exceeds $100usd, you will receive a free copy of our EZ Admin Helper addon.

In other news…

We will be releasing (in August) our new Fraud Detection addon. This addon will allow you to identify and flag fraudulent users, score orders based on rules, provide full ordering statistics and navigation information as well as to summarize order activity. If you like statistics about your sales, you will love this addon. If you've ever been the victim of order fraud, you know how penalizing it can be. Preliminary documentation can be found at this location. We will be adding more rules as time goes on so your feedback on what you want to detect/score is important to us. Product is currently in beta test. If you are interested in being a beta-tester, please PM for more information.

As usual, we specialize in back-end custom development and integration. If you have a project in mind, please click the get a quote link in my signature.