Addon [Soft-Solid] - Simplify features interface for vendors

We present you a new extension to Multi-Vendor which allows sharing with vendors a simplified interface of managing product features.

We start from installation of add-on:

In add-on configuration we can define the list of features, which should be available for vendors.

If in add-on configuration we will mark checkbox “Set available features individually for each vendor”, in vendor configuration we’ll be able to define list of available features.

After configuring add-on, vendors will gain access to the list of features present under the full description of the product. It displays only features selected in configuration of vendor/add-on.

Note that add-on disables standard tab “Features” for vendors. After installing add-on, tab will disappear or become empty - this is not an error.

Features assigned to products that way work exactly the same as features assigned the regular way - all functionalities related to features (like product filters) will work as usual.

Features :

  • no core file changes
  • Compatibility Multi-Vendor version 4.0.x to 4.16.x

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Link to addon

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